We are a blockchain specialised software house delivering end-to-end solutions. We help businesses to plan, design, develop and launch Web3-based products and services. Since 2013 we work on various blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Polygon, Polkadot, Hyper Ledger Fabric, zkSync, ImmutableX and others.

Imapp expertise has already helped enterprises including Ethereum Foundation, omg.network, PKO Bank Polski, Golem and many others.

Services rendered

  • Proof of Concept design
  • Private and permissioned blockchain development
  • Public blockchain integration
  • Distributed applications (DApps) design and development
  • Smart Contracts development
  • Integrating blockchain into legacy infrastructure
  • Hybrid centralized systems development with blockchain components
  • Blockchain solutions for video games
  • Migrating to blockchain infrastructure
  • Public blockchain networks integration
  • Blockchain technology consulting
  • Smart Contracts audit
  • Design and implementation of custom NFTs


Our team has specialized in supplying of IT-services since October 2013, and during that time, we have been amassing a wealth of proven experience in developing and implementation of IT-projects for the international clients.


PKO BP is the largest universal bank in Poland, since 2020 we have been cooperating on the project “Launching services at PKO BP using tokens and smart contracts based on blockchain technology” developed by PKO BP bank. The Imapp team is developing a banking platform that uses advanced solutions in the field of decentralized technologies, designed to meet the client’s specialized requirements.

Ethereum Foundation


We are the subcontractor of the omg.network company responsible for construction and development of a solution that allows to increase the scalability of the Ethereum network. The Plasma MoreVP solution in question allows you to safely and in an inexpensive way increase the number of acceptable transactions on the Ethereum network. With this solution, we have the ability to make up to 4,000. transactions per second, when the current performance of the public Ethereum network is only about 15 transactions per second.


The Golem Project creates the first global market for idle computer power. The main contractor for research and development in the infrastructure project for widely understood tasks in the field of distributed computing based on P2P network and blockchain technology. Imapp is responsible for building and developing a research team for the Golem Network project and the team responsible for the project’s infrastructure developement.


Hoard is changing the future of the Gaming Industry. Through revolutionary technology, based on blockchain, Hoard offers a unique value proposition through revolutionary technology, based on blockchain for game players and game developers. It enables them to take advantage of true ownership and virtual exchange. Imapp is the prime contractor for the Hoard platform. A decentralized exchange of game items. Our company implements Hoard SDK for Unity3D, Unreal Engine and Godot game engines, as well as a platform for exchanging digital game items based on Ethereum infrastructure.

Our Team

Imapp creates senior-level dedicated development teams to power the fast-moving tech companies.

Radosław Zagórowicz
Piotr Janiuk
CTO Co-founder
Martyna Jeuté
Business Developer

+ 2 admistration

+21 programers

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