Our mission is change.

In today's world change is necessary – it constitutes a condition for pursuing profitable business and effective economic policy. Technological advances, new economic and social challenges at local and global level, access to an increasing amount of various information, growing competitive pressure – all these factors make economic entities continuously evolve, adapting themselves to new circumstances. And they have to do it faster and faster.

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we believe that change can always be a change for the better. However, changing the business, organisation or the world for the better requires information. Therefore, in our work we focus on:
  • analytical support – especially in the field of modelling and forecasting of business processes, mathematical optimisation and the analyses of large data sets;
  • social and economic policy analyses – particularly in terms of identifying challenges, planning activities and evaluating their results;
  • programming – particularly in data processing.
We offer analytical services enabling our partners to get a whole new perspective on business and economic processes, the answers – obtained from collected data – to both fundamental and very detailed questions, and – on that basis – to plan optimal solutions for their organisations.

Change also applies to us. We do not want to be merely the recipients of changes taking place around us – therefore we create our own programming solutions, supporting the most efficient processing of different data types – from large databases, through complex optimisation problems to computer graphics. A combination of original and open-source software solutions enables us to provide our customers with unique development tools on highly competitive terms.

Our greatest strength lies in the team, in which top-class programmers work with experienced analysts, jointly creating optimal solutions for the clients. A fusion of programming and analytical competences is an element that distinguishes us on the market of business consulting and programming services and enables us to deal with every customer’s issue in a comprehensive manner. 

They trust us:

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